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Can I get my criminal record expunged?

It used to be that the only persons who would ever see your criminal record would be police officers other members of law enforcement. But today many other individuals are conducting intrusive background searches into others criminal histories. Employers, for example, are regularly running background checks before hiring an individual. So are licensing agencies and even professional organizations. Criminal records have always been public information and available to anyone willing to sift through them. Technology, however, has made that daunting task much easier—taking only seconds. Companies have indexed the information so that now all anyone needs is your name and
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Cannabis Drug Bust in California – 2nd Largest in History

According to a CNN news report, a marijuana bust at a California border nets 15 tons. Federal police in California make the 2nd largest weed bust in history at a U.S. border crossing. A truck carrying marijuana crossed into California from Mexico at Otay Mesa. The shipment was labeled “mattresses and cushions”. A Customs and Border Police officer had the cargo x-rayed and suspicions were raised.   An officer opened the cargo doors to see marijuana wrapped into plastic packages, stacked from floor to ceiling. The packages weighed 31,598 pounds and had an estimated street value of $18.96 million. The largest
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