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Jerry Sandusky Back in Criminal Court

The child molestation case against former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky was in the headlines almost every day during his trial in 2012, which eventually ended up as a conviction. There hadn’t been much news coverage in the years since, until recently when Sandusky filed an appeal in the case. CNN reported that new attorneys are seeking a new trial because his former lawyers committed errors and made poor decisions during the previous proceedings. The appeal of the child molestation conviction raises interesting issues on what a defendant must prove in order to obtain a new trial on the
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Plea Bargains in California Criminal Courts: The Case of Ex-Sheriff Lee Baca

If you’ve been following the legal troubles of former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, some recent developments in the case have made headlines. The L.A. Times reported in February that the jail abuse scandal went all the way to the top of the Sheriff’s Office, and that Baca had lied to the FBI in order to protect his department. In order to avoid a full trial for obstruction of justice and other federal crimes, Baca’s lawyers negotiated a plea bargain. Ultimately, this was rejected by the judge, but the story highlights how plea deals work in California. Legal Background
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