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Tamir Rice Case to be Re-Evaluated

New evidence is surfacing regarding further details of the dispatch call in the 2014 Tamir Rice case. As a refresher, at the time of the incident, Tamir Rice was a 12-year-old African American boy who was shot and killed by two local Cleveland police officers, one of which was a trainee. The officers had received a report that a black male was at Cudell Recreation Center pointing a pistol at random people in the park. However, the dispatcher who received this 911 call failed to give the local police crucial information. According to news networks, the dispatcher who received the
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Hate Crimes Around the United States

According to several news networks, in 2015 a Georgia couple was arrested after parading around a child’s birthday party waving Confederate flags and making racial threats. The couple along with some friends than proceeded to point their shotgun and make death threats to the African American families attending the party. Recently the couple finally had their trial and were found guilty on multiple counts in an Atlanta courtroom. The male, Jose Torres was sentenced to 20 years with 13 of those years spent in prison, while his accomplice Kayla Norton was sentenced to 10 years with 6 years in prison.
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