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Synthetic Marijuana Causes Deadly Car Rampage

Marijuana has become legal in many parts of the country due to its medical benefits, but synthetic marijuana offers a deadly counterpoint. This has once again been illustrated by a deadly vehicular rampage when the driver high on synthetic marijuana ran over numerous pedestrians in Times Square last month. What Happened? Richard Rojas, a 26-yeqar-old Bronx resident, reportedly drove through a busy sidewalk in Times Square during the afternoon of May 19, 2017. It was found out later that Rojas was high on K2, which is a type of synthetic marijuana. He also has a history of driving while intoxicated.
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California Road Rage Video Goes Viral

Road rage isn’t limited to male drivers and passengers. A video gone viral recently showed a violent brawl between two women in Stockton. This violent encounter, surprisingly enough, began with just a simple fender bender in a thrift store parking lot. The video shows one woman wearing a black sweatshirt, taking a swing at another woman wearing a green top. The first woman grabs the other by the ponytail, and pulls her roughly to the ground. After that, the woman in the green top lies on the ground with her arm apparently broken. Assault and battery cases happen fast and
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