Affordable Fees For Our Clients

We offer reasonable rates and payment plans for San Diego clients seeking a criminal defense or DUI lawyer.

We understand that sometimes people make mistakes and are therefore willing to work with clients to make sure they get quality representation at an affordable price. No matter what the case, criminal, DUI, theft, sex crimes, or violent crimes, Ozols Law Firm is here to help and make sure that no one is denied justice because of money.

Payment Plans Available

You can now request payment plans to make your legal fees more affordable. We will work with you on setting a reasonable down payment so that we can start your criminal defense or DUI representation and will set moderate monthly payments until the duration of your case.

High quality legal representation is now available to you at a fair price. Do not compromise on quality when hiring a criminal defense attorney just to get reasonable fees. Also, don’t hire an inexperienced criminal defense or DUI lawyer just because they are cheap. Call us today to discuss your legal and financial options.

Reasonable Fees For Misdemeanors and Felonies

Often attorneys or legal administrators will evaluate your case and use it to their advantage if you have been charged with a felony rather than a misdemeanor.

The difference between a felony and misdemeanor does justify a price difference but that difference should always be reasonable. Whether you are charged with a first-time DUI or violent crime, we keep our fees reasonable while providing excellent representation. A felony generally requires more work but it doesn’t mean that your criminal defense lawyer should take financial advantage of you. Just because someone has a bigger risk of going to jail or prison doesn’t mean that they should be manipulated into signing a deal for an unreasonable price.

Another tactic used by legal administrators is to charge more money because there are multiple counts. Each case, no matter how many counts, is a single case and it should be handled at an moderate price no matter how many counts are involved.

We have handled criminal defense cases throughout San Diego County, and will competently handle any type of criminal complaint. We will offer a fair price so that you can get the representation you deserve.

Trial Fees For a Reasonable Price

A common tactic that many San Diego criminal defense and DUI attorneys use is to only handle a case up until the trial, then when the trial comes they get off the case and ask for the public defender to be appointed, or ask for an unreasonable trial fee that no one in their right mind should pay.

Criminal defense and DUI lawyers often do this because they are afraid of trial or they lack trial experience. This is not the type of criminal lawyer you want representing you. There are reasons why they charge so much for trial and one is that they are not emotionally invested in your case, the other is because they have become adept to not working hard and don’t want to change their ways.

Alex Ozols is an award winning trial lawyer who never backs down from the courtroom. He will handle your trial for a reasonable and affordable fee and not leave you hanging the day before trial.

How We Make Sure That You Don’t Overpay

Unfortunately, some criminal defense attorneys care more about money rather than about getting their client the best possible result. At Ozols Law Firm all we care about is making sure that your criminal or DUI case is handled with the upmost care. Attorneys who are charging way above the norm are just charging you for their bloated overhead.

Often, criminal and DUI attorneys in San Diego don’t want to work as hard as everyone else, they will hire a “legal administrator”, a “law clerk”, a paralegal or a secretary. They will have multiple offices, huge advertising budgets and then they expect you to pay for that. A lot of attorneys will not even meet you but will have someone else meet you who is not even a lawyer. If anyone does that to you, you need to beware of what they are trying to tell you. If they did not even have the time to meet you, why would anyone ever think they would have the time to work on your DUI case? Don’t be fooled by these people.

Get The Best Representation At A Fair Price

Alex Ozols deals with every case himself. He files every motion and does not have any other people who can mess up your case, which could cause a lifetime of consequences. His work ethic, low overhead, and ability to work harder than others is what saves you money in the end.

Mr. Ozols started his legal career working with people who were indigent and he did everything he could to help them. He now has that mindset and wants to make sure he is representing people for a reasonable price. At Ozols Law Firm the goal is more about helping clients and providing the best possible representation. This ideology is more important than charging ridiculous amounts that a client cannot afford.

If you need an affordable criminal or DUI lawyer, call us to determine your legal rights. We are available 24/7 to take your call and will aggressively defend you to achieve the best possible outcome.