How Do Bail Bonds Work in San Diego?

Often people hear the term $2500 bail or $25000 bail and they don’t understand what that really means or how it works. This can cause confusion and possibly keeping their loved ones in jail when they could have had them out. Any criminal lawyer in San Diego that bail companies work with individuals to help them and get them out of jail. This blog post is to try and clarify how bail and bail companies really work.

When someone is in jail, his or her bail is set. In San Diego for a misdemeanor DUI, the bail schedule is $2500 and for a felony it can range from $25,000 to $100,000 depending on the charge. What that means is that a bail company will bail that individual out for around 10% of what their bail level is.

Lets say hypothetically that John has a bail amount of $2500, which means that a bail company will put up $2500 for John, in exchange for a $250 payment. Now some may be wondering why would a bail company do this? The bail company actually gets the money back if John shows up to all court appearances. So most of the time that bail company is just profiting the $250. In San Diego it is actually common on higher amounts for the bail companies to do a payment plan as well for the money that they get from the accused.

Another option is for the accused to post what is called a “cash bail.” To do this, John would post the entire $2500 with the court. What that means is that there will be absolutely no fines and fees, and if John shows up to each and every court appearance then he will get the full $2500 back.

When are Bounty Hunters Used?

“Bounty Hunters” need to be employed when one does not go to their court appearance. If this happens then the bail company is out the amount they paid. On larger amounts, to recover some of the money, these bail companies will often employ a bounty hunter to find the individual and bring him back into custody so that the bail amount can be exonerated back to the bail company.

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