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California Law on Bail

If you follow crime news, you may be aware of the criminal case against Dalia Dippolito, who was arrested in 2009 after arranging a plot to kill her husband. She hired a hit man to handle the task, not realizing he was an undercover police officer. More recently, Dippolito was in the news because prosecutors wanted her bail revoked due to a violation of her house arrest conditions: She left her home to tape an interview for ABC’s “20/20” news program in December 2015. ­­­ The Dippolito case raises some questions about the legal concept of bail and how it
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How Do Bail Bonds Work in San Diego?

Often people hear the term $2500 bail or $25000 bail and they don’t understand what that really means or how it works. This can cause confusion and possibly keeping their loved ones in jail when they could have had them out. Any criminal lawyer in San Diego that bail companies work with individuals to help them and get them out of jail. This blog post is to try and clarify how bail and bail companies really work. When someone is in jail, his or her bail is set. In San Diego for a misdemeanor DUI, the bail schedule is $2500
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