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Criminal Pre-Trial Motions

Crime rates are up in California, according to the FBI’s Crime Statistics Report for 2015. According to Sacramento’s KFBK News Channel, the increase in violent crime was 7.6 percent, more than double the rate of the US as a whole. Some are blaming Proposition 47’s treatment of prisoners, setting free criminals who should remain jailed. Other factors are cited as well, but as police are cracking down, the importance of a strong San Diego criminal defense attorney becomes clearer. One way these experienced lawyers fight for the rights of defendants is through motions during the pretrial phase of a criminal
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Can a Doctor be Convicted of Murder for Overprescribing Pills?

The answer is yes, and this just recently happened in Los Angeles, California. This was the first doctor to ever be convicted of murder in US history for over prescribing prescription medication. Hsui Tseng was convicted of murder and sentenced to 30 years to life for over prescribing pills (Oxycodone and more) to addicts that resulted in 3 deaths. Each individual was a young man who it seemed came across an addiction to these pills that started out as regular use from some sort of injury. Ms. Tseng catered to young individuals who would travel long distances for these pills
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Prescription Drug Addiction in San Diego

Prescription drug addiction touches all age groups, races, and socioeconomic levels of society; it is an unfortunate tie that binds millions of Americans. Most people become addicted to prescription drugs as a result of having them initially prescribed legally by a doctor for a chronic or acute pain-related reason. Most people assume that when a doctor prescribes them a drug, it is safe, and do not imagine they might become addicted to it. The Statistics Seniors are particularly affected by prescription drug use; with ages comes the breakdown of many different body parts, and doctors are more than willing to
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