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Federal Government Wants to Lower the Legal Limit to 0.05

Recently the federal government has said one of its goals for the upcoming year will be to have states change their DUI laws to have the drinking and driving law level reduced from a .08 to a .05. It should be noted that studies have shown that everyone is impaired at a .10, most are impaired at a .08 and people can be impaired at a .05. And that most states define impaired as not being able to drive with the care of a sober driver. The advocates for this plan are going to argue that it can limit crashes,
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Your First Drinking and Driving Offense in San Diego: What You Need to Know

Getting arrested for any criminal offense can be frightening, emotional, and expensive. Getting arrested for a drinking and driving offense may jeopardize your driver’s license, work, and travel options. Many people who are pulled over for drinking and driving offenses have never been arrested before and may never be again. Understanding what your legal rights and responsibilities are before, during, and after an arrest will make it more likely that you can move past this one-time mistake you made. At Ozols Law Firm, we have helped many people get past their first DUI. Call us for a free consultation. California
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Can Low-Carb Diets Yield False Positives During a San Diego DUI Test?

Low-carbohydrate / high-protein Atkins-style diets can yield false positives during a California DUI breath test An experienced DUI lawyer is required when dealing with false positives during a DUI breath test. If you believe you are the victim of a false positive, call Ozols Law Firm today for a free consultation. When individuals are not taking in the proper amount of carbs into their body, the body will then produce ketones, which is what the body will rely on for energy. Ketones are something that create isopropyl alcohol which mimics the effect of ethyl alcohol, which is the alcohol we
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