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Governor Signs Law Making It Easier To Overturn Convictions

Good news arrived in early October 2016 for anyone that’s been wrongfully convicted of a crime in California. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the governor signed into law a measure that would make it easier to overturn wrongful convictions. When the law becomes effective next year, it will open the door to challenge the results of a criminal case in the event that new evidence would change the outcome. If successful, a person could overturn a conviction and have it removed from their criminal record. However, it’s possible to clear a conviction from your past history even if the
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Expunging Criminal Records in San Diego

If you have ever been charged with a criminal offense, you probably heard that a dismissal is the best possible outcome. Dismissals usually occur before a person is convicted of a crime. The judge may dismiss the charges against a person due to lack of evidence or the prosecutor’s lack of desire to proceed with the case. This dismissal is preferable because no plea, whether guilty or not guilty, is on the court record, and no conviction ultimately results. An expungement, however, is a procedure in which the charges against you are dismissed after a conviction and the case is
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Can I get my criminal record expunged?

It used to be that the only persons who would ever see your criminal record would be police officers other members of law enforcement. But today many other individuals are conducting intrusive background searches into others criminal histories. Employers, for example, are regularly running background checks before hiring an individual. So are licensing agencies and even professional organizations. Criminal records have always been public information and available to anyone willing to sift through them. Technology, however, has made that daunting task much easier—taking only seconds. Companies have indexed the information so that now all anyone needs is your name and
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