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Can a Juvenile in San Diego be Charged as an Adult?

Most of the time, when a minor is arrested and charged with a crime in San Diego, he or she is tried in the juvenile delinquency system. When there are more serious criminal charges, however, a minor can be tried as an adult, in adult criminal court. If you have a child who is being threatened with adjudication as an adult, you need to know how the process works, and we recommend you consult an experienced San Diego juvenile criminal attorney who will protect the rights of your child. You Want to Keep Your Child in Juvenile Court if Possible
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Probation Violation in Juvenile Court

Ethan Couch has allegedly violated on his juvenile probation. Ethan is the one who used the so-called affluenza defense and a judge sentenced him to 10 years probation probation without a day in jail. He has now allegedly violated probation for drinking alcohol and then not checking in with probation officers and fleeing to Mexico. At one point he filed papers to challenge the deportation but later dropped that idea and is now in back in the US. The judge has ruled that he will stay in jail pending his next hearing in February 2016. For his probation violation the
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Sealing a Juvenile Criminal Record in San Diego

Criminal defendants who faced charges while under the age of 18 may be able to get their record sealed, including enforcement records, records of the district attorney, records of the probation office, and records of the court. When a record is sealed it means that the court has ordered that the charges that brought one to court no longer exist. This aids in a defendant’s future as he or she can truthfully answer ‘no’ when asked about a criminal history or when a background check is conducted. For jobs requiring a high clearance, such as those in the military, the
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