Craigslist is a very well known company that acts as an intermediary for buyers and sellers to facilitate transactions. To list on craigslist it requires a seller’s account. The vetting process generally requires an email and a phone number, which does allow people to not always use their proper information. The pure idea of hand to hand transactions cannot happen without some illegal activity and it is not necessarily craigslist’s job to monitor all of the transactions and make sure no illegal activity is occurring.

However, for police departments, this is something that they often look at in order to see whether they can catch people in the act of a crime. Police have been known to patrol craigslist daily and even hourly if they think there is illegal activity going on. This includes trying to catch sex offenders or prostitutes in a sting, looking for stolen goods, or browsing through the listings for possible drug sales.

  • Craigslist related drug crimes – Drug crimes can be very common, sometimes it is taking you to a link that is out of state and sometimes it is a local seller trying to sell whatever they have to an unknown buyer. In a situation like this one should always consider the idea of “buyer beware” and that is the case for multiple reasons. Even if they are posted and described as prescription medication online, one never knows if that is correct or what the quality might be. A fake prescription pill could be “cut” with multiple other substances, which could be harmful to the human body. Another issue is that the police can be acting in a sting actually posting these substances and seeing if someone is willing to call them for a potential purchase. Have you been charged with buying drugs on craigslist? If you have, and this is common, it may be in your best interest to call an attorney for a free consultation.
  • Craigslist related sex offenses – Whether it is prostitution or pimping and pandering charges, craigslist can often be the cause. Have you been charged with a sex crime from craigslist? It is very common that this is the case. However, in recent years, craigslist have banned all types of sexual ads in this area.
  • Craigslist related theft offenses – Theft is a big problem that can occur with craigslist. Have you been charged with theft or robbery in association with a craigslist ad? This type of thing happens all the time. Sometimes it’s the seller who is robbing the buyer for the money and sometimes it is vice versa. Either way you should always be careful when buying or selling on craigslist.

Defense of Craigslist Related Charges

The most common defense for a craigslist related crime is generally entrapment.
When officers are posting things on craigslist looking for a potential buyer, they may be committing entrapment. Entrapment is a defense that basically means that the law enforcement officer encouraged you to do this offense and you would have not done it, if it wasn’t for them. Common defenses of entrapment include when someone stops talking to the officer but then the officer relentlessly tries to start communication again.

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