Criminal Tunnels From Mexico to San Diego

Underground Tunnels To San Diego

Most San Diego residents realize just how close we are to the Mexico border going in to Tijuana. From central San Diego it’s just a quick 35-minute drive until you reach the Tijuana Otay Mesa Border. While some people may fear illegal immigrants getting over the wall, border patrol agents work around the clock to prevent this from happening. However, recently the Border Patrol agents known as “Tunnel Rats” have been noticing underground tunnels. It is believed that immigrants use these underground tunnels to transport large loads of illegal marijuana, cocaine and other drugs from Mexico in to the United States. According to CNN, one of the main tunnels discovered in 2009 is called the “Galvez tunnel”. This tunnel was around 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide, cut through rock and even had electricity. In addition to the Galvez tunnel, Border Patrol agents in San Diego have found close to thirty of these underground tunnels over the past decade.

Legal Issues With The San Diego Criminal Tunnels

One thing these underground smugglers need to realize is that this act is not only illegal, but they can receive serious felony charges if and when they are caught. A typical sentence for drug smuggling in San Diego can range anywhere between 5-10 years in state or federal prison. In addition, they may also accrue fines up to several thousands of dollars. If this is not the smugglers first offense, they could potentially be charged with life in prison.

The Governments Problems with the Tunnels

While President Trump believes building a wall will stop illegal immigrants from entering the United States, he also needs to consider other means of entering. The president has failed to acknowledge other means to entering the U.S., such as underground tunnels, planes and the fact the illegal immigrants are able to get past the current wall in San Diego. The President may believe he’s doing a heroic act by building “the wall”, however we have much bigger issues, like underground tunnels for illegal drug smugglers. Another alarming fact is that Border Patrol agents have caught approximately 4,000 drug mules over the past few years and 45% of these mules were American. In addition they found that 3 out of 4 people driving through the border with drugs were also American.

San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyers

At Ozols Law Firm we have a large amount of experience handling drug related offenses. We have handled drug smuggling cases in both Federal and State court and have gotten severely reduced sentences and even had some cases dismissed on certain occasions. We work hard for all of our clients and do everything possible to get the best possible result. If you have a case in San Diego call now for a free consultation.

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