Marijuana Smuggling Across the US Borders

Border patrol agents in Texas stopped over 2 tons of marijuana from being smuggled in to the United States. This number equates to approximately 3,950 pounds of illegal drugs trying to be smuggled in through our borders. Not only was the amount of marijuana surprising, but also how the officers were able to detect it. The drug smugglers somehow disguised the multiple pounds of marijuana to look like a shipment of key-limes. You got it, the tiny green citrusy fruit that many people use to season their food or garnish a beverage. The boarder patrol agents were able to detect the phony limes through an imaging system along with their k9 team.

Drug Smugglers Sentenced to Prison

While some drug smugglers may feel the risk of smuggling illegal drugs is worth the reward, they also need to understand the consequences that come with their actions. Each year tens of thousands of drug smugglers are arrested on trafficking charges. The majority of these offenders are caught at the border in western Texas and Southern California. Depending on the amount of drugs, the type of drug, the age of the trafficker and whether or not the smuggler had a weapon determines one’s sentence. For example, smuggling crack cocaine or meth would often land a smuggler with a much longer sentence in contrast to smuggling marijuana. The average sentence for drug a trafficker is approximately 72 months in jail or prison. However, as mentioned previously it can vary drastically depending on the case and county. Another factor to consider is whether this is a first time offense. If this is not a smuggler’s first drug trafficking offense, sentences are often twice as long. In addition, smugglers are often fined thousands to even millions of dollars on top of their imprisonment.

Hiring a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney

It is always a smart idea to have a legal team by your side when dealing with the court system. It is also highly encouraged to have an attorney when dealing with serious drug trafficking crimes. Hiring an attorney can make all the difference in the length of one’s sentence and even the fines one would be required to pay. Criminal defense attorneys have years of schooling and experience, which can only benefit your case. These attorneys know the common proceedings in the courtroom and ways to benefit their client’s case. On top of that, most criminal defense attorneys personally know the judges and district attorneys, which can often help get a better deal in the case. While some people may think it is easier and cheaper to hire a public defender, they also need to take in to account other facts. Yes private attorneys cost money, but you need to consider the fact that “you get what you pay for”. People need to understand that public defenders are often over worked. They are often handling 100 or more cases at one time, leaving little time for your case. Private attorneys on the other hand do lower volume, which allows for a more personalized experience and higher quality work.

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