San Diego Man Killed it Hit and Run Accident

A man in San Diego was killed last week when another driver hit him as he got out of his car. The driver dragged the victim around 20-40 feet before he fled the scene without stopping. The accident happened around 7 A.M in the morning but recent reports say that they believe alcohol still could have been a factor. The victim was getting a jacket out of his car when the suspect lost control of their car and crossed over the center median. The only real information the police had was from a witness who said that the car was a 4-door Toyota that would clearly had some damage on it from after hitting the victim. Home surveillance cameras were able to document part of this incident but not the whole occurrence. Police say that a car was found but no one was immediately taken into custody.

Hit and Run Cases Lacking Evidence of the Driver

Hit and run cases often lack evidence of the driver. Just because a car is registered or insured under someone’s name does not mean that they are always the driver of the car. It is very common for family member to share a car or even for friends to borrow a car of another. This creates an issue for law enforcement being able to identify the driver. Without an admission from the driver, these can create quite hard cases for the prosecution to prove.

What to do if you are involved in a Hit and Run

If you are involved in a hit and run and the police have contacted you, the best thing to do is to call an attorney and let them advocate on your behalf. It may always seem like a good idea to just talk with police and tell them what happened, but that is never going to be in your best interest. The goal of the police is to build evidence in order to effectuate an arrest. What they want to do is get an admission from you that you drove the car and an admission that you were driving at the time this accident occurred. Another way a hit and run attorney in San Diego can help you would be by talking to your insurance company on your behalf.

If you are untruthful about any facts to your insurance company, it is possible that you could be charged with felony insurance fraud. If you are charged with this crime, make sure you call and attorney that has your best interest in mind.

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