Tutor Fired After Assault on a Child in His Care

Criminal charges are pending against a Baltimore school tutor accused on multiple felony counts after a student in his care was left with severe facial injuries. According to WBFF Fox 45 News, the 25-year-old employee at the Baltimore Curriculum Project allegedly threw the seven year old boy into a wall. The student is currently recovering from a fractured jaw, two missing teeth; a third tooth was pushed deep into his gums. While the tutor is contesting the charges, which include criminal assault along with various counts of child abuse, he has been fired as a result of the incident at City Springs Elementary School.

Two Sides of the Story

The boy’s mother claims that her son suffered the injuries to his mouth and face when he was thrown against the wall for being disruptive and misbehaving. She wasn’t present when the incident occurred, but noted that her son has a swollen face and was bleeding when she saw him in the ambulance shortly afterwards.

The tutor asserts that he was removing the student from his class for being unruly, but then lost his footing, at which point the boy struck himself against the wall. The mother rejected this explanation, stating that her son is too small to throw his body against a structure hard enough to fracture his jaw and knock out two teeth. She claims that the type of physical force used by the tutor far exceeds “regular restraint” that might be necessary to address misbehavior.

An Investigation Supports the Boy’s Criminal Law Claims

Baltimore City Police officials investigating the alleged assault examined the student upon his arrival at the hospital. Their initial inquiry led detectives to determine that the boy suffered from major trauma to his head. Authorities continued their investigation by reviewing video from the school’s security camera system. After seeing the footage of the incident provided by the school, they concluded that the tutor’s description of events was inaccurate. Police charged him with first- and second-degree child abuse, first- and second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and neglect of a minor.

School District and the Tutor’s Employer Speak Out

After firing the tutor, the executive vice president of the Baltimore Curriculum Project said the incident was isolated and that the organization was conducting its own investigation into the relevant issues. A spokesperson for Baltimore City Public Schools said her department was cooperating with police and may take action further action when the investigation concludes.

San Diego Criminal Defense

Assault and battery is always a crime in California, but additional charges apply and the penalties are more severe when the victim is a child. While the tutor may not have a strong defense due to the existence of video footage, there are ways to fight assault charges. An experienced criminal lawyer can assist with developing a strategy for your defense and will protect your rights under the law. If you’re facing similar counts involving violent crimes, contact a qualified criminal attorney in San Diego to discuss the specifics of your case and options for avoiding harsh penalties.

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