At Ozols Law Firm we commonly get asked the question: “How can I pass my drug test”. Although we are against anyone ever breaking the law and we will not advise people to break the law, we thought we would put together an insider’s guide giving people more information about drug testing and how it works. As a criminal defense attorney we deal with drug cases on a daily basis. Our clients interact with the district attorney’s office, the courts, probation and parole and after years of experience, we have gotten together a lot of information about drug tests and how the process actually works. First we will explain some of the most common tests used and then go into what works and what does not work when taking a drug test.

Urine Testing

Urine is the most common way of doing drug tests and it is commonly used all around the United States for job applications and for criminal cases. Urine testing is one of the least invasive ways to test because it is comprised of just simply urinating into a cup and then testing that cup for metabolites to see whether or not they are from drugs. A urinalysis test can give false positives but it is quite rare for that to occur.

Mouth Swabbing Drug Tests

The mouth swab test, also known as a saliva drug test is another method to conduct a drug test. This method is much less commonly used than the urine sample method but it has started to get more momentum because of the quick results. Whereas a urine test can take up to a week or two to get the results, a mouth swab test can potentially get an instant hit on whether or not there are drugs present in the user’s system. This appeals to many probation and parole agencies around the US. The problem with any type of instant-result test is accuracy. In a criminal case, accuracy needs to be very high and well proven for an officer to initiate a violation of probation or parole. Recent studies have also shown that prescription drugs can be found in mouth swabbing drug tests.

Hair Analysis Test

A hair analysis test is one of the least common tests used for drug testing and is only ever used by certain employers who want to use an innovative system. For most drugs, they get out of your system relatively quick. In contrast, marijuana can stay in your system for around 30 days. The reason why a hair analysis is sometimes used is because if it works property, it can date back for around a month to see if any drugs have been used. Hair analysis tests are pretty controversial and have even been challenged in criminal courts.

Can drinking large amounts of water help to pass a drug test?

A common way that people often try to “flush” marijuana out of their system is by drinking a lot of water. This can help but it is not likely to actually work. The problem with this approach is that Marijuana, like other drugs is actually in your blood, so working with the kidneys may have a small affect. In Marijuana, for example, there are two different types of THC that are involved. Hydroxy THC and Carboxy THC. Hydroxy THC is the actual is the actual recent THC in your system. When the body starts to metabolize that, Carboxy THC is created.

The idea behind this is that people want to basically dilute their urine so that if it is so heavily concentrated then possibly the THC would be harder to detect. The general problem with this is that most drug testing methods are able to safeguard this process by either seeing the urine content being off or the creatine levels are much to low. As the water levels go up it would make your creatine levels go down which would set off a red flag in the drug testing system. This method could help but is not the perfect method if you have drugs in your system.

Can drinking vinegar help pass a drug test?

Some people believe that drinking vinegar can help pass a urine test and that is simply just a myth. Drinking vinegar can certainly mess with your urine but all it would do is lower the PH in your system instead of actually changing or altering the metabolites in your system. This is not a very good idea when taking a drug test.

Is buying an online drug kit a good idea?

There are two types of kits that are generally sold. One is a kit where it says it tests your urine for you. These can be as little as a few dollars and they claim that they can test your urine, most commonly for marijuana but these are notorious for creating false positives. Buying a kit beforehand to test your urine, no matter how advanced or expensive they say it is, is generally a waste of money.

The other kind of kit that is sold online is one that tells you that you can drink or use and it will make you pass a urine test. Again, these are generally a waste of money. There is no magic solution to passing a drug test that a kit can fix and these are generally just snake-oil type scams that people fall for.

What do I need to know to pass the drug test?

Some key things to know are as follows:

• Marijuana can stay in your system for around 30 days.
• Drinking a large amount of water can help the process of detoxification.
• Exercising in conjunction with staying healthy and eating well can also help the detoxification process. This can speed up your metabolism and get these substances out of your system.
• Drinking pure cranberry juice may help clean out your urinary system. This is 100% cranberry juice with no sugar added, not cranberry cocktail.
• Do not drink alcohol while leading up to a test.
• Most drugs will be out of your system within days. If you are not a frequent user, and you took a drug once, it is highly probable that it will be out of your system within days.
• Don’t waste your money on kits online just do what you can to be healthy and let the drugs naturally metabolize out of your system.

Probation and Parole Violations

Probation and Parole violations can be very serious and can result in even worse penalties than your initial sentence. For example, if someone is sentenced to 180 days in jail and 3 years probation on a felony charge, depending on the crime that could be a fair sentence. Now lets say that this person tests positive for drugs, now they are facing years in prison just for the violation. Any violation of parole should, under the code, mean that you are automatically sent back to prison. Probation and parole violations are serious and if you are facing one you should have a criminal defense attorney by your side.

San Diego Drug Crimes Attorney Alex Ozols Can Help

Alex Ozols is a criminal defense attorney from San Diego, CA. He is a legal analyst and is commonly asked for his opinion on very serious legal matters. Whether it is an employment or criminal drug testing matter, follow the tips above and we hope that will help you with your current pending situation.