Criminal Lawyers Dedicated to Defending Crimes in the City of Santee California

Santee California is definitely an “up and coming” city. It is one that has gone through a transformation in the last five years and is one that is becoming a great neighborhood to live with a family.

Santee is well known for the Los Colinas jail facility. This is the only jail facility that houses women in San Diego County. It has been around for a while but just in 2014 it started a renovation and created a whole new building for the inmates. This jail can house around 1200 people and it cost over 200 million dollars to develop. Santee has a large residential area where crime can be an issue. The most common crimes in Santee include property crimes and drug crimes, with methamphetamine being the largest contributor.

Santee is part of the El Cajon court system and all arrestees will report to that courthouse for their arraignment. Recently Ozols Law Firm represented a Santee resident who had a prior strike from years ago and was just trying to make ends meet. This individual was stopped and had to wait there for 15 minutes before the dogs arrived to search their car. A further search showed that there were drugs located in the vehicle.

San Diego Attorney Alex Ozols looked at every way to beat this case and after a preliminary hearing, he filed a 995 motion in this case. After a lot of talk with the district attorney and a new supreme court case settling just days before the hearing, the judge decided that the 15 minute wait was an unlawful prolonged detention and therefore the case should be dismissed.

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