At Ozols Law Firm we care a lot about our reviews and do everything we can to give the client the best possible experience. Below you can see an example of some reviews taken off of various websites.

…On vacation from Canada we got a DUI here in California. As our criminal defense lawyer, he helped us throughout the entire process and got us an awesome result. Thanks !!

Eden (5 Star Review)

The day that my boyfriend was arrested, we realized we were facing a much more serious legal battle than we had imagined. The very first time I spoke with Alex, he talked to me for over an hour, answering every question I had, and even though I hadn’t even hired him yet, he never once made me feel rushed or that I was taking too much of his time. After speaking with me, Alex went to the jail and spent over 2 hours talking to my boyfriend about his case. I had not even hired him yet. The care he showed and the time he spent talking to us, was nothing short of amazing. Alex was honest and real with us about what to expect every step of the way. Every single time I texted or called Alex with another question ( and I had a lot), he was quick to respond and made sure that I felt I had my questions answered. Even after my boyfriend’s case was over, Alex continued to communicate with me and answer any legal questions I had regarding the case. Alex was able to get multiple charges dropped, greatly reducing the consequences my boyfriend faced. I will always be thankful that I hired Alex to help us during such an important time in our lives.

Jason (5 star review)

I hired Mr. Ozols to defend me in a bogus TRO matter. The charges were brought on by a live-in ex-girlfriend who paid nothing toward household expenses (including rent), and refused to leave my home when the relationship ended. Even though he was finishing a vacation when I first called, Mr. Ozols returned the call the same morning. His responsiveness and enthusiasm about my case was evident from our first meeting. Eventually, not only did Mr. Ozols convince my ex to dismiss the TRO, but also to leave my house without having to continue eviction proceedings. Mr. Ozols went above and beyond what I hired him to do, and I’m very grateful. I recommend him highly.

Peter (5 star review)

I got in trouble with the law for the very first time in my life. I needed a criminal lawyer in San Diego and I didn’t know who to trust. After I got out on bail, I know that I need to face the judge in court, but didn’t know what to do next. I went online and research criminal attorneys. After reading several other attorneys’ profiles, I decided to go with Alex Ozols. I called Alex Ozols for a free consultation. I told Alex my situation and I also told him that I spoke to the police without the present of my attorney (that was the dumbest move on my part; folks, don’t do this). He told me that was a big negative on me. Then he gave me a breakdown of what is going to happen next and what I need to do. That was not what I wanted to hear, but that’s the fact whether I like it or not. Alex was aggressive about my case, but he kept it honest and fair. Alex took his time to listen and address all my questions. Toward the end of the consultation, he repeatedly asked me do I have anymore questions for him. I didn’t expect Alex to answer that many questions, but he did. He didn’t meet my expectations, he far EXCEEDED my expectations during our consultation. We met with Alex in his office, the awards on his wall pretty much summarizes his reputations. I highly recommend Alex Ozols if you want an aggressive, honest and a fair attorney.

John C (5 star review)

We live on the east coast and our adult child was incarcerated in San Diego on drug charges and felony. Our child has no family in CA.

Our child had had various Public defenders and the cycle continued with having to stay in CA. for parole, getting out, re offending and homeless. We contacted an attorney website and Mr. Ozols was the only attorney who responded and gave us much information on CA. law. We knew he was the right criminal defense attorney in San Diego to go with. We needed someone who would advocate for our child and get permission to return to the east coast with no supervision or parole. After serving time we feel our child has a chance for a fresh start. Mr. Ozols always returned phone calls in less than a few hours and answered emails promptly. We felt he went above what you might expect and he delivered what he promised. He was honest, dependable and reasonable in his costs. Even tho we never met we felt comfortable talking to him and felt he always listened. Definitely would recommend.

Thomas C (5 star review)

Alex is as hard working of an individual that I have ever met. He works on his cases to no end to make sure that he can find help for his clients, which he always seems to do. He understands the military life and has exceptional relate-ability to any type of client. He remains accessible despite his busy schedule and always finds time to answer his clients questions, quickly and efficiently. He has to be the best criminal defense attorney in this area.

Liz (5 star review)

Alex knew I wasn’t guilty and gave a ton of energy to prove it. I looked for criminal defense attorneys in San Diego and I knew Alex was the right one to trust. If it wasn’t for him, I could’ve been thrown in the legal system with a criminal record and gone on confused over what my rights were, thankfully Alex fought for those rights and I can go on without illegitimate accusations.

Ashely, a DUI client (5 star review)

I have been in the military for 17 years and I came to Ozols Law Firm because I knew he had a lot of military clients. He literally did whatever it took on my case. From meeting with supervisors to showing them my entire military record. Then on the day of the agreement he saved me thousands of dollars and got me years of my life back. Best decision I ever made.

Kylie F. (5 star review)

A couple months ago I had an issue that required legal help. I went to Ozols Law Firm after seeing all of the reviews on the internet and it was a good choice. Alex was very positive and upbeat and talked to me about my case for 2 hours in the first initial consultation. The case went smoothly from there on out. He would always be in touch by email in a day or so and always took the time to explain what was going on and how to move forward. When we went to court it seemed like he knew everyone in there which I thought was pretty cool because when looking for a lawyer you always really wonder 1) how connected are they and 2) are they really liked. I felt with this lawyer the answer was yes to both. I have now recommended him to two people one that got hit by a car and another that was a contract issue and both people were very happy with me for the recommendation. I will continue to recommend him in the future to others in need of a lawyer.

Danny S. (5 star review)

Alex is a strong litigator and takes his job very seriously. He is very familiar with the law and strives for the best possible result. He has a sense of passion in the courtroom that is not seen by many other attorneys. Alex is friendly and easy to get along with. He makes sure you feel comfortable and explains everything that is going on with your case.I highly recommend Alex. He really does strive for the best.

Justin Vannoy (5 star review)

I have a friend in law enforcement and they recommended me to Alex because he represented their son on a case. That’s a pretty high referral for me when asked a cop who the best attorney is in San Diego is and they make a recommendation. Super happy I hired them, made life so much easier.