National City is a city in San Diego County located in the South Bay region of the county. National City is a mid-size community with an average yearly population of about 50,000-60,000 people. It is a place that has developed in San Diego and it is a place where the housing is a little bit cheaper than downtown. National City does have its share of crime. Mostly property crimes but there are some violent crimes as well. The prosecution commonly refers to a “gang” in National City called Old Town National City or “OTNC”. Old Town National City is on the gang injunction list.

San Diego Criminal Attorneys Defending Gang Cases in National City

In the late 1990s, the San Diego District Attorney started using civil injunctions in order to make people stay away from each other. An injunction is an order that makes something stop and there needs to be reasons behind the injunction to have it granted. The prosecutors argued that these gangs are hurting the city because they are engaged in illegal activity and crime. Therefore the District Attorney argued that alleged gang members should not be able to associate with each other. Once a name is listed in the gang injunction and once it is granted, none of these people can associate with each other because if they do, they will be in violation of the injunction.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Serving National City and the rest of San Diego County

At Ozols Law Firm we are proud to say we serve the residents of National City. Cases that have occurred in National City go to the Chula Vista Courthouse. In that courthouse we have defended cases including: drugs, domestic violence, restraining orders, violent crimes, theft crimes, sex crimes and gang related crimes. We have a relationship built with the individuals in that courthouse and treat them with an immense amount of respect so that our clients are treated the exact same way. We always want all of our clients to be treated equally and not taken advantage of by the system.