Murder is known as one of the most serious offenses out there. When someone is charged with Murder, they need a serious defense. There are multiple ways a skilled murder defense attorney can help.

Homicide Cases in San Diego

Homicide is the killing of another person. Murder, also known as Penal Code 187 is the intentional killing of another person that was not done in self-defense. First degree murder is a charge that means that there must have been pre-meditation, or in lay terms, it means that the offense was planned. The law says that the planning can be just a matter of seconds and can be ever so slight, but that any planning would elevate an offense to first degree murder.

Experienced San Diego Murder Defense Lawyers

Ozols Law firm represented the defendant in what the head District Attorney of all of San Diego has called the most “highly publicized case in San Diego history”. This was a case from 14 years ago where a young child went missing. 14 years later, the defendant was charged with Murder. We have handled all types of cases at our firm and we are experienced in all types of defenses especially when it comes to murder defense representation.

In certain cases your San Diego homicide defense attorney may need to rely on their relationships they have with expert witnesses and investigators in the area. Witnesses will need to be found and re-interviewed to make sure that the prosecution isn’t swaying these witnesses in one direction or the other. Expert witnesses may also need to testify as to ballistics, DNA or blood spatter evidence.

Defenses in San Diego Murder Cases

There are a lot of defenses in murder cases and the strongest one is self-defense. Self-defense or the defense of others means that the individual felt in fear of being injured or killed at that moment and therefore acted in self-defense. The standard is not what a reasonable person felt in that moment but instead what the actual person in that situation felt. In California there is no duty to retreat in a self-defense situation and the law says that one may stand their ground and defend themselves. Some other defenses include:

  • Mistaken identity
  • Misrepresentation
  • No intent
  • Lack of DNA
  • Lack of ballistics
  • Wrongful identification
  • Invalid eyewitness testimony
  • Crooked officers
  • Suppressed evidence

Contact us for a Free Consultation on a San Diego Murder Case

The first step is to make the call to an attorney and to be able to explain the case to them. In most murder cases the client is in jail at the time that the family is in need of an attorney. It is important that the family not contact the client in jail and talk about the offense. All of these calls are recorded and can be twisted at a later time to be used against the client. An attorney can go talk with them in jail and have the meeting completely confidential. They can talk with the client and find out the exact details of the offense, any defenses that are available and then explain that to the family before making the decision on which attorney to hire.

If you have a loved on in jail accused of Murder, feel free to give Ozols Law Firm a call.