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Criminal Law Dictionary

For people who want to know more about criminal law, we have put together a glossary of all criminal law terms. Feel free to read over it on our criminal law dictionary page.

Criminal Law and The US Constitution

We are often asked how the US constitution interacts with criminal law. Click here to see how each amendment interacts with every aspect of criminal law and how you can use each amendment in your defense.

Who’s in Jail in San Diego?

It is possible to learn where an inmate is housed or where someone is currently located here.

How to Pass a Drug Test

At Ozols Law Firm we sometimes get clients asking us “how can I pass this drug test”. We generally tell them that they shouldn’t use drugs and that is the best way to ever pass a drug test. There is no way to pass one and it should be known that no one should ever do something illegal to try and cheat the test. We put this article together here to try and better educate people about drug tests and how they work.

San Diego Police Report Information

Do you need a police report because you have either been charged with a crime or you are a victim of a crime? It is tough to figure out sometimes exactly how to do it. Our clients always ask us more about it so we made a San Diego Police Report Information page to better explain to them the process and how they can do this on their own.

What are the most dangerous cities in California?

For our readers who want to know more about California as a whole. We spent days compiling data about all the top cities in California in order to come up with our article about What cities in California are the most dangerous? We look at population as well as violent crimes and property crimes. For more information check out the link.


Have you ever heard the term Clemency and wondered what it meant or how it is accomplished? If that is the case we gave our definition of clemency in this article.

Field Sobriety Tests in San Diego

When pulled over for a DUI in San Diego, it is very common for an officer to ask someone to do field sobriety tests. Learn more here.

Affordable Fees for San Diego Residents

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Blog: Visit our Blog for Updates

We regularly post updates of interest to the San Diego Community. See more by clicking here.

Can Police Search Your Car? Find out.

People often ask us if police can search their cars. Find out by reading this post.

DUI: Absorption Rate

People reguearly ask us about alcohol absorption rates and how it could affect breath test results.

DUI: Beating the Breathalyzer

People ask us about beating a breathalyzer DUI test. Here is some info.

DUI: Blood Test vs. Breath Test

Clients often ask us, “should I have taken the blood test or breath test?”

DUI Defenses

We created this page to show you the most common DUI defenses to help beat your charges.

DUI: Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions regarding your DUI charges? We have a DUI FAQ that should answer many of your questions.

DUI Glossary

Confused as to what all the different DUI terms mean? We created this DUI glossary to help you.

DUI Refusals

Find out what happens when you refuse a DUI sobriety test.

Mapp v. Ohio

Mapp v. Ohio is a landmark United States Supreme Court case involving your privacy rights and the police.

Katz v. United States

Katz v. United States is a another landmark United States Supreme Court case involving your privacy rights and the police.

Schmerber v. California

Schmerber v. California is a United States Supreme Court case involving your due process rights and DUI investigations.

California Domestic Violence Laws

We have compiled the relevant California laws on domestic violence.

California DUI Laws

If you have been charged with a DUI, see the California DUI Laws here.