Criminal Attorney defending cases in Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach California is a beach city that is known for its bars and restaurants. Unfortunately its nightlife can cause a lot of issues when intoxicated people start getting into fights. We have dealt with a lot of cases in Pacific Beach which are people trying to defend themselves after someone who is intoxicated tries to start a physical confrontation. Pacific Beach is also notorious for roadblocks getting back onto the Interstate 5. It can be weekly and people who are not from the area who have a couple drinks can encounter a roadblock on their way out and potentially get arrested.

What Should I Do if Arrested In Pacific Beach?

If you are arrested for a in Pacific Beach remember not to say anything. Whether you are intoxicated or not, it is something that is of the utmost importance. Whatever the officer tells you or however much they are acting like they are trying to be your friend, you have to remember that they are only trying to build a case against you. If there is a fight and you were involved in it, it is best to not say anything. Even if you were defending yourself, again, it always best to not say anything. Once you are booked and you bail out, you should contact an attorney immediately. This is because you need to start building you case and doing research on the facts and the situation.

Ozols Law Firm Serving the City of Pacific Beach in San Diego County

Ozols Law Firm is proud to serve the residents of Pacific Beach. We have handled a lot of cases originating from the city and we have gotten some very impressive results. Wherever you live in San Diego, or wherever you are arrested, it is important to do your research and find an attorney that will not only defend you, but one that really cares about your case. Commitment and passion are what produce results. If you have been arrested for a crime, feel free to give our San Diego criminal attorneys a call for a free consultation.