San Diego Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyer

California Penal Code 11379.6(a) is the crime of manufacturing a controlled substance. When someone manufactures a controlled substance they usually have what is called a lab and they are essentially creating drugs. A drug manufacturing defense lawyer is someone who looks is experienced in the area and can see whether or their client could be convicted of the crime. In order to be convicted of this crime, you have to have actually manufactured a drug and you must have had the intent to manufacture the drug. If you were trying to create a legal substance, or you had the intent to create a legal substance, but instead a drug was created, then this would not be considered a crime.

The most common manufacturing cases deal with methamphetamine. “Meth” is a drug that can be created synthetically and it has become big in popular culture for example in the television show breaking bad. Meth can be created with common household ingredients and some drugs that can be bought over the counter. This is why it is such a lucrative lab to create for people who want to manufacture it. Meth labs are very dangerous and if you have one you are facing up to 7 years in prison.

The newest trend for manufacturing crimes is what is called “honey oil”. Honey oil is created in a Butane lab, with butane torches and an extraction method in order to get a very pure form of Marijuana. Much like how hashish was the craze at some point in time, honey oil has become to new thing for people to get what they believe is the purest and best type of high. There is a documented history of honey oil labs exploding in the US, making it a very dangerous lab as well.

If you are caught with a large amount of either meth or honey oil at your lab then you may face a PC 11379.8(a) enhancement depending on the amount. If its more than a gallon, they could be an additional 2 years in prison, more than 25 gallons or 10 pounds is an additional enhancement of 10 years in prison.

What happens if there is a child at the house or in the lab?

California Penal Code 11379.7(a) is the enhancement that deals with a child under 16 being present at a manufacturing lab. The term “present” is a lose term that can mean present within the same house that the lab was created. This enhancement holds an additional 2 years in prison and if the child is injured it is an additional 5 years in prison.

Hire a Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyer in San Diego to help

If you have been charged with manufacturing, something that you should know is that this is an extremely serious crime and even without priors there is a strong likelihood you may be going to prison. You can’t go through this process alone. Hire a criminal defense attorney that has been dealing with drug related crimes for years and has built relationships needed to help defend your case. Call now for a free consultation.