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Imperial Beach California is a city that is one of the furthest south in San Diego County. It is a city that of course is known for its water and its water activities but is sometimes known for its crime. In recent years alleged “gang” activity has been on the rise in Imperial Beach causing more officers to patrol the area and more people in the area to be arrested. Imperial Beach has a population of around 25,000 and is slowly growing due to its proximity to the ocean.

Imperial Beach is in the Chula Vista courthouse area, which means every person that is arrested for a crime would be taken to the Chula Vista court. The first courtdate would be considered the arraignment, and in Chula Vista for felonies that is done in Department 12. After that, generally the case goes to Department 14 in order to try and negotiate a disposition.

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For years Ozols Law Firm has been practicing multiple different practice areas in the Imperial Beach area. Recently we represented a group of young individuals who were charged with that would be considered a violent crime with a “gang enhancement”. We battled for months and months to show that this crime was not only a mistaken identity but that our hard working clients were nothing close to gang members. After months of battling the system we were able to get our clients a great result.

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