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La Mesa California is located in San Diego County. It has a population of about 56,000 people and is known as part of what is called “east county”. La Mesa is right around the border of east county right where the city of San Diego starts to be considered to the east and not much further than San Diego State University. La Mesa has some great parks and has Grossmont shopping center, it is a great place to bring up a family. Although low compared to other cities, statistics show that La Mesa has one of the highest crime rates in the county of San Diego.

The courthouse that all La Mesa arrests go to is the El Cajon courthouse, a city that is literally right next to the city of La Mesa. The El Cajon courthouse is a large structure that holds both the public defenders office and the district attorneys office. It also has a holding jail on the bottom floor that is used for what is called “video arraignment”.

If someone is arrested in La Mesa, they generally go to Department 2 if it is a felony or Department 3 if it is a misdemeanor. The felonies stay in that department for most of the case but the misdemeanors go to Department 4 after the arraignment. The master calendar judge in the El Cajon Courthouse is in Department 11. The courthouse also hears both domestic violence and civil harassment restraining orders as well.

La Mesa California – A city Served by Ozols Law Firm

Ozols Law Firm and San Diego Criminal Lawyer Alex Ozols are proud to be able to serve the city of La Mesa and the El Cajon Courthouse. We have handled felonies, misdemeanors and restraining orders out of this courthouse with great results. We have also handled military issues as well. If you are arrested for a crime in La Mesa, make sure to call a solid San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney to help with your case.