San Diego Probation Violation Attorney representing client on all Probation Violation Cases

One of the worst things that can happen to someone is when they get a violation of probation. Often they will be doing very well on probation, have a good relationship with the probation officer, but then something out of the ordinary happens and they are served with a violation. These can be anything from hanging around the wrong people, to violating a term of probation, to picking up a whole new crime. Hiring a probation violation attorney is the best thing to do to better your chances at getting thrown back in jail or even getting sent to prison. Either way the probation violation will be heard in the courts and they will make a decision on what the outcome should be.

Felony Probation Violation with a New Case

If you are taken into custody on a felony probation violation and you have a new felony charge, chances are the probation violation holds a longer sentence than the new charge. The first thing you will want to do is hire a criminal attorney from San Diego, go over the case with them and explain to them your circumstances. The next step will be going to the arraignment and arguing to the judge for you to stay out of custody and to set what is called an evidentiary hearing to trail the readiness conference. What your probation violation attorney wants to do in this situation is push back the probation violation to trail behind your new case in order to settle both of them at the same time and get you the best possible result.

Probation Violation with no new case

If you have a probation violation without a new case attached to it then what is going to happen is when you show up to court, probation will have a recommendation on what they feel your sentence should be. Your attorney can talk to probation and then talk to the judge about taking care of the violation right then and there. If you feel it is necessary then your attorney can set what is called an evidentiary hearing, which is a hearing to determine whether or not you were in violation of probation. An evidentiary hearing gives your attorney the opportunity to present evidence on your behalf and cross-examine any of the witnesses that probation produces.

San Diego Parole Violation Attorney

Parole is a type of probation that is given to people who have left prison. The prison system is in charge of people on Parole. The law states that for any violation they could do over 1 year in prison and that if they were let out early, any violation could send them back for what their whole term was supposed to be.

Any violation on a felony could mean a return to jail, if not prison. Whether it is a probation violation attorney or a parole violation attorney, you need to make sure to have someone who is a master negotiator in your corner to ensure you get the best possible result. Ozols Law firm has attorneys who exclusively handle criminal defense issues.