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The first time someone is arrested it is a terrible situation and a situation of panic for all friends and family members. It is often hard to figure out where their loved one is and what they can do to help. When someone is arrested the first thing they will do is go through what is called the booking process, they will be fingerprinted, their picture will be taken and officer will take down all of their biographical information. While in booking they are generally allowed to make free phone calls within that time.

The next step is they will have an opportunity to bail out of jail. At this point, before calling the bail company, it is very important to call a criminal defense lawyer in San Diego and do a free consultation to learn about the criminal justice system and how the process works. There are certain crimes where it is very well known that bail will be reduced significantly at the arraignment saving the family thousands of dollars so it is very important to speak with an attorney before calling a bail company.

If you want to see where an inmate is housed or where someone is currently located you can always look at here to see arrests and data.

Jail Information For San Diego

There are several different jails in San Diego, this will serve as a guide to better understand each jail so you know more about the inmates circumstances. For males the jails in San Diego County are George Bailey, East Mesa, Vista, Chula Vista and Downtown. All females are housed in Los Colina’s Jail.

George Bailey Jail

Located in Otay Mesa, at the edge of San Diego County, George Bailey houses some of the most violent offenders. It is used for people who have been sentenced to prison but California Assembly Bill AB-109 has made them do their sentence in local jail because it was a non violent crime. George Bailey is known as one of the more dangerous jails in San Diego County. George Bailey jail has been around since 1994 and was originally built in 1991. It has been rated to have 1380 inmates total and has a wide variety of inmates. Visiting can be scheduled from the sheriff’s website.

East Mesa Jail

East Mesa jail is also located in Otay Mesa and is in the same compound as George Bailey. East Mesa was originally built in 1991 to serve as a probation camp for George Bailey but in 2014 it went through a full restructuring and renovation and is now called East Mesa Re-Entry Facility. This jail is mostly for low risk offenders, who are about to be released. If you ever visit East Mesa, you will see that it has an outdoor type structure and to visit certain pods you actually have to go through the yard of the jail. The jail is supposed to have a maximum capacity of around 700 inmates and it teaches GED classes to younger individuals. This is seen as one of the safest jails in San Diego county.

Vista Jail

Vista jail houses all inmates from the vista, escondido, carlsbad, and any other areas in North County. Its jail is connected to the courthouse through a series of tunnels. It is sometimes a holding area for inmates who are going to court in North County but it can also be housing for longer term inmates. North County jail has an interesting module called the Veteran’s Module. This is a special area for veteran’s who are in jail anywhere in the San Diego Jail system. They have classes and therapy for the veteran’s daily.

Chula Vista Jail

Chula Vista jail also known as South Bay Detention Facility is located in the city of chula vista and it is right below the courthouse. Sometimes hard to locate, you need to go to the back of the courthouse and the door is at the bottom. You then proceed to the elevator and go up one floor to reception. This jail is a non booking facility so if someone gets arrested in a nearby area, they will be booked at a police sub-station. This jail is rated to have around 300 inmates. They have limited visiting hours so make sure you call ahead when visiting.

San Diego Downtown Jail

The downtown jail in San Diego is the one that most people know about. Perhaps someone had a little rough of a night downtown and ended up there for a the night. This jail has 11 floors and over 200 staff members working there. It has one whole floor as a medical unit for inmates who are having medical issues. This jail is located right next to the downtown courthouse and there is even a bridge in the air that can take inmates across to court. This jail was built in 1998 and the sheriff’s department has noted that it uses a lot of technology in this jail.

Los Colinas Jail

Los Colinas jail is an all woman’s facility located in the city of Santee in San Diego County. Los Colinas is newly renovated in 2014 and from the inside and out it looks like a brand new facility. The old facility was built in 1967 and was used as a juvenile facility until it became the only woman’s jail in San Diego. The capacity of Los Colinas jail is 1270 women and it was a 268 million dollar project. The facility has a lot of green space in the middle and overall the land is over 45 acres. Los Colinas is a relatively safe jail with inmates often noting that there are drugs that are often smuggled into the facility. They have a strict visiting schedule and those appointments can be done online.

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